Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake Footage! OH THE HORROR!

No fucking way with this guy. What do people in California Japan think about us? Must think we're the biggest pussy nation on the planet. When they stopped recording whatever it is they were recording - the camera guy had to give this dude some shit right? Like how was he still standing and still able to record a decent video and this guy is on his ass struggling to hide under a chair? Did he fall? Loose his balance maybe? That video should provide answers, instead I'm left with so many more questions. All I know is, Virginia really took a hit to their street cred after that video. I mean I felt that shit in NY and kept right on through work. Worked the full day, too.

And as for the second part of the video, give me a break. Store didn't shake for more than .5 seconds. Looked more like a gust of wind came through. And nice closeups on the boxes of cereal and grits on the floor - Guess what, those were houses and towns in Japan so enough with the dramatic "after" videos. Enough already.

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