Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Giants FA Steve Smith "visits" the Giants?

I don't get this, why is their own free agent visiting his own team? Like this guy really wants to experience the entire free agency thing? Can we cut the shit and sign your offer already?? And we know you're not playing right away, everyone knows that. You don't get microfracture surgery and just decide you feel good and can play, this is serious shit. I wouldn't be shocked if they immediately put him on IR and ended his season. There's no reason for him to come back from this, we saw what happened with Kenny Phillips last year trying to come back from it, and he had more time to recover. Smith had this done in December, no way you come back within a year from this surgery, just doesn't happen. Sign a two year deal, IR year one and then play year two to re-establish your value when you're at full strength. I just don't see the need to push it. Again sign your damn offer, no one else is interested in a WR at 50% who has a small shot of playing this season. Lock it up.

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