Monday, August 8, 2011

NY Giants Offseason So Far Haha

I'm clearly the biggest Giants fan I know, so while the Giants continue to embarass me on a daily basis I have to somehow defend what seems to be one of the worst offseasons I can remember. It's been about a weeks straight of me saying "Jerry Reese knows what he's doing - he always ends up being right, I trust him!" And I really believed that. I believe in this team, I know they have a ton of talent, and I know they're better than the 10-6 record they posted last year. Thing is, I can't keep defending this shit. Your quarterback's biggest safety net, biggest target, Kevin Boss - just let him walk right out the door. There's no way you look at the other TE's on the roster and think we didn't just take a hit right there. I like Beckum and what he brings to the table, but he's not Kevin Boss. There's a trust and a chemistry between Eli and Boss, it was obvious - and the only other one who has that with him is Steve Smith, oh yeah he's still unsigned.

Then we have the holdout by our number 1 pick. Decides to finally show up, lasts about 13 seconds before he breaks his foot and is out two months. That's after Bruce Johnson, another CB, blows up his achilles and he's done for the year. All of a sudden, a position of depth becomes a position of weakness. We still don't have a linebacker on the team yet, no signs of us obtaining one anytime soon either.

Then we have Osi and his crying. You made your point, you don't like your contract, boo hoo - get on the damn field. Worry about that shit after you play at your so called "elite" level. Prove it. Maybe if you aren't happy with this contract you shouldn't have signed it? This guy needed to be traded immediately after the season, probably would've gotten that first rounder which seems absolutely laughable at this point.

So we have a couple days before the first pre-season game when we get to watch about 4 more guys go down with year ending injuries and fumbled snaps and miscommunication up the ass, so that should be fun. Be honest the only thing I'm looking forward to is Kenny Phillips laying people out and Hakeem Nicks continuing his rise to become the next Jerry Rice, and I want to see Marvin Austin show everyone how nuts they were having him go 52nd overall when the guy is a top 10 talent. Guy has a chip on his shoulder, and thats a big ass motherfucking shoulder aka big ass motherfucking chip, guy is going to do work.

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