Thursday, August 25, 2011

Best Analogy Of All-Time And I'm Pretty Sure That's An Understatement

Okay I was just talking about this with one of my friends, and feel as though I just came up with one of the best analogies of all-time. We constantly discuss the importance of meeting a girl but not hanging out with her so much that you completely forget you had friends. I honestly never found this difficult, and I've never had to deal with complaints on either side of the fence. I felt like I always had time to hang out with my friends, and always had time for the girl. I even lived with a girl for a year and never had an issue. I've gone on rants for days about this because I know people who just can't figure it out. They think they have it, but we go weeks without hearing from them, but they don't notice that. They think we hung out yesterday, it's like c'mon man that was last month, wake up. A lot of people have this problem, seem to make it this gigantic end of the world dilemma, and it just seems so simple to me. First of all, your friends were there first - you've known them the longest, you can't just alienate them and go off with someone you just met for weeks on end. That's just telling your friends they don't mean shit. Hang out with them, make sure you hang out with your friends the next night or whatever. Schedule something with the girl one night on the weekend, the best thing about your friends - you don't have to schedule shit - just go hang out and chill with them the other night that weekend, boom problem solved.... Whatever you do though, don't bring the girl to hang out with your friends and then do nothing but whisper in their ear or text with them while their sitting in your lap - that's gay as fuck.

Anyway, my analogy/advice goes something like this.... You know that feeling you have when you hear a song for the first time and it's absolute fire? So you put it on your iPod, your CD that you play in the car or whatever (am I the only one who still burns CDs?) and you bump the shit out of it. Next thing you know it's a week later and you find yourself skipping the song when it comes on? So you say to yourself "shit, I don't want to play that song out, so I need some time off from it". Then when you're feeling good and you really want to hear that song, you hook it up and bump the shit out of it - dance like an idiot and just feel it like a motherfucker. Once you've heard it you feel satisfied, give it a day or two then listen to it again - that perfect balance of keeping the song fresh and not playing it out.... Could there be a better strategy to dating??

Seriously.... I didn't realize it until just now, but isn't that what we try to do?? You meet, there's the infatuation stage when everyone loves each other and there's just no flaws with that other person.... Then you realize you hang out ALL THE TIME and before you start to notice weird shit you make sure you don't see them for a couple days. Then it's like everyone relaxed, start taking it slow, and then true feelings can develop over time - and they become that go-to-song that when you blast your iPod or pick it on the juke box everyone is like "OOOOOOOHHHH THAT'S THAT SHIT!" Flex drops a bomb on it and everyone can feel good about it when it's on.

Am I right or am I right?

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