Tuesday, August 30, 2011

These Midnight Shifts Are Killing My Swag

I can blog through a fucking earthquake and a fucking hurricane, but can't get my shit together when it comes to working 12 hour overnight shifts? C'mon, I'm better than that. But seriously, getting on a computer faster than my phone when it's on SOS service is damn near impossible. I've taken it upon myself to sit at the head of the conference table tonight where no one can see my screen and also confiscated the fastest most normal computer here. Working wonders so far. I'm two and a half hours into the work night and finally able to get a blog going. I'm just going to say I'm sincerely disappointed I couldn't get anything done until now, but conditions are rough. All I know is that this backup of blogs in my head can only mean for a great couple of upcoming days. Too bad I'm going to Vegas Friday for Labor Day Weekend huh? I'm taking the computer and will blog from a nice chair in the Venetian! THAT'S WHAT'S UP!

But here's an update just so you know I'm still alive and that I've got some good shit coming. Stay tuned....

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