Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Quick Intro and Five Preseason Football Thoughts


Ricky and I go back about 20 years, including the last ten or so where his mom hasn't spoken to me because of a high school baseball trick play gone terribly right. I digress. The two of us root for almost none of the same major sports franchises - Mets/Yanks, Jets/Giants, Chaminade/St. Dom's, etc - which should make for some good debate.

We both want us as much reader feedback as possible because that's what pays the bills. Nevermind, it pays no bills (yet), but it makes writing about sports more enjoyable when people give their opinions. Just make sure those opinions are based on facts.

Looking forward to a good season.

Preseason NFL Thoughts

1. How much of a cancer do NFL teams think Clinton Portis is? The guy is less than 100 rushing yards short of 10,000 for his career. He's amassed almost 12,000 yards from scrimmage in his nine professional seasons. He has been bitten by the injury elephant the last two years, but somebody should take a shot on this guy. He's only 29 years old. Brian Westbrook had a job last year, but Portis can't? To top it off, the Dolphins just signed one of the worst locker room presences in recent memory, Larry Johnson to a new deal. Arizona, give CP a call.

2. Prince, Osi, Bruce, Brian, Terrell, Marvin. Giants fans are an Eli-Hakeem-Tuck trio of injuries away from feeling like Mets fans.

3. Usain Bolt, Oakland Raider? I'll say this happens in the next three years. The fastest man in the world needs a new challenge, and he's probably a better quarterback prospect than Terrelle Pryor at this point.

Al Davis has wet dreams about this guy.

4. How long until fans completely stop going to NFL games? Now that the package is being offered on PS3 and people are bringing guns to stadiums, I find it hard to fathom why people go to more than a couple games a year. Stay home, watch in HD, follow your fantasy team, stay alive. Sounds like a winning combo.

5. Really Cincinnati, your plan is to start Andy Dalton and not even try to convince Carson Palmer to come back this year? Bite nose to spite face. Have fun on your way to three wins.


  1. like the new blogger... especially since you talked about something other then the Giants...

    4. Are you really asking why the Bengals are going without Carson Palmer? Have you actually watched him play? Since Von Olfhauffen went all Kimo on his knee a few years back he's been terrible... Last year he was the 19th rated passer barely edging out stalwarts like Shaun Hill, Alex Smith, and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Led the league in picks with 20, (which if you watched him was a blessing, cause it could have been well over 25). And wait for it... THEY WON 4 GAMES! FOUR! 4! Let's please rush to bring this guy back? No thank you. Have fun in retirement Carson...

    Besides you realize there is only one goal in mind with this Cincy team-- Andrew Luck.

  2. Goal is definitely not keeping half their team out of jail.