Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Predictable LeBron Being Predictable

I'm not sure you can get a better "This is LeBron in a nutshell" video than this one right here. Holding the entire pool hostage, making sure he has an MC announcing his every move, making sure all eyes are on him, using the pussy diving board instead of the man diving board above him, making sure he was paid for it, making sure it was caught from multiple angles in case it sucked then he has rights to destroy all the videos. Seriously is this not LeBron or is this not LeBron? Making a 2 minute and 55 second video and not jumping until 2:47. Making everyone sit around and wait as he fakes them out and calls for more attention. Probably threw up some commercials in between fake jumps so he could make more money off of this weak ass dive/jump seriously what was that? You think he can swim?


  1. He was checking the water for Sharks... can't be too careful these days...