Saturday, August 27, 2011


KENDALL JENNER IS NOT 15 YEARS OLD! I'm honestly not sure I'm even in the right to post pics of her and say she's about to become the hottest woman on the planet, but I'm doing it because that's how I feel, and if that's wrong then we have to make some serious adjustment on the right/wrong scale. I knew she was young, I figured 17 about to be 18 so I should be okay, but when I looked at her Wikipedia page it says she's 15. Like she hasn't even had a Sweet 16 yet? Someone has to get documents proving this, like what's she doing wanting to be younger? Just to dominate the junior circuit? She needs to skip HS, skip college and head straight to the big leagues. Enough already, the jig is up Jenner, time to tell everyone you're 21 and move on to the racy shit.

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