Monday, August 22, 2011

Get A Load Of Trump And His New 757

This guy just can't stop, huh? When is enough enough? In other words - when do you stop buying yourself hotels and jets? I'm assuming never since this guy is 103 and still ballin' outta control. Do you think he even takes advantage of this? No way this guy still gets laid. He's got the all time perfect set up to just do whatever he wants wherever he wants and there's just no way you can convince me he's pulling any ass. Not with that wig. He should study up Mullet Monday's and take notes, guy could use a little change.

How come everything this guy does has 1980's written all over it? Enough with the black and gold color scheme. And what's with the gold everything? Does anyone even find that impressive? Sweet gold plated seatbelts no one will ever notice except you'll make sure it comes up in conversation the second you get on the plane. Get with the times Donald, get the gold out of here - keep that shit in the bank, no use for it 30 thousand feet in the air.

PS - I felt the singing robot from Rocky 4 was going to roll into that video any second there.

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