Monday, August 22, 2011

Rahim Moore Decapitates Donald Jones - Could Care Less

I think someone forgot to tell Rahim Moore it's only game two of the preseason. Saw this hit this morning right after I woke up, damn. The sound alone got me wide awake. I know it's an emotional game, but the Bills need to relax. Rahim Moore is a rookie who acted like a 10 year veteran who's just going for a walk in the park assassinating anyone trying to play catch and walks away like it's no big deal. I guess Brian Dawkins being around helps. First off, this was a clean hit to me. There was nothing dirty or intentional about it, he didn't line him up and spear him helmet first like Eric Smith did to Anquan Boldin a few years back when I actually thought Boldin died because that's what should happen when your helmet explodes off your head. I thought he did the right thing, late to get over can't make a play on the ball so you do what you're taught - separate the receiver from the ball - boom, job done. Shoulder to chest, lights out. I don't understand why defenders need to adjust because a receiver has his arms up or is in a vulnerable position. But biggest thing I liked about this is Moore just walking away, he didn't hit him and stand over him and talk shit - he got up, walked away, even with pussy WR's like Steve Johnson half ass defending his dead teammate, Moore just shook it off like nothing even happened. Talk about earning your spot as a rookie though. He just earned an entire locker room of respect with one hit. Sure Donald Jones had to die, but Rahim Moore will benefit from it. If I'm the Broncos I front the money for the fine that's about to come Moore's way, because like it or not - that's the right play, and I'd never ask a player of mine to adjust his game, do you baby. And so much for helmets and equipment being safer, I've never seen so many players get knocked out like I have in the last 3 or 4 years, it's insane. At least one per game.

Ah whatever, this one is just for fun:

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