Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anyone Else Convinced This Is A Girl Yet?

Is this a joke? Am I the only one still in the dark getting laughed at here? Someone turn the fucking lights on already, take the tape off of America's eyes! What is it with this half little boy half girl thing? I'm being dead serious, I never listened to one song this idiot has made. Anytime his girly voice comes on I turn it off. I did it with Kid Rock songs, Ignition by R. Kelly. Refused to listen to them because they flat out made me uncomfortable and kind of mad. Maybe I have deeper issues, but I'm just going to stick with the surface facts of me hating the songs. I don't understand the hype surrounding this thing. I went about 4 years without even knowing who this kid was, all of a sudden girls my age are getting wet about this little nerd. What is it about 5'3" 130lbs? Do girls drop their pants immediately straight up because he's the only guy who can physically relate to them? "Oh my God girl I know! I can't even finish this cobb salad! I honestly don't know how I'm going to fit into my youth medium skinny jeans on stage. Maybe I'll just throw on a wallet chain to distract everyone to how stupid I look. No wait I got it, I'll just wear hipster glasses and create the single gayest hairstyle the world has ever seen then walk straight into a glass door like an asshole. Girls love that shit."

PS - Look at all the normal size humans in this shit just making him use every ounce of strength to even move the revolving doors. I'm surprised he didn't fall to the floor and have them carry him out. Nice hair asshole.

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