Thursday, August 25, 2011

Getting Called Out Has To Suck

How shitty does it feel when you get called out on Facebook? Like you're minding your business figure "Hey, I've got a solid status update in my head, let me get my phone to access Facebook Mobile" and just as you send it through, you think "Yeah, that should get some likes." Then out of nowhere comes a friend of yours just blasting you with the "Why?" call out. Ugh, rough. I mean do you comment back? Do you ignore it? My roommate Nick took the aggressive approach and came back at him, I can only assume while driving. Respect for that, but you see the move he made? Tried to change the subject real fast. Risky move because you need them to respond to make it look like they care. Jimmy decided not to respond, so I'd have to consider it a win for Jimbo here. I mean there's nothing worse than getting called out and then not getting a response from it. Maybe having someone blog about it is worse... I'll ask him when he gets home.

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