Friday, August 26, 2011

LSU Football Bar Brawl

ESPN - BATON ROUGE, La. -- Two employees of the bar where LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson and three teammates are accused of injuring four people in a parking lot brawl said Thursday that one of the victims "threw the first punch" shortly after he had been escorted outside by staff.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Shady's Bar general manager John Peak and door manager Jordan Neldare offer versions of the bar fight that differ from details in a police report released Thursday. Neldare said he was outside and witnessed the fight firsthand but had not yet been interviewed by police.

There have been no arrests and no charges have been filed in the incident, but Baton Rouge police have said one of the alleged brawlers had three fractured vertebrae, which is serious enough to bring felony second-degree battery charges against whoever caused those injuries.

Is this a joke? A bar fight. We talkin' bout a bar fight? Wait, wait.... A bar fight. The cops went to Jefferson's house and took DNA samples?? Did someone get killed?? What is going on?! Don't we have bigger issues on earth besides bar fights? Do we need to do DNA samples for something that everyone saw and witnessed? Great, he kicked someones vertebrae through their asshole - let's do what everyone knows you're gonna do and let's do it quick. Suspend him for 2 quarters then get his ass back on the field with all 49 pairs of shoes he rightfully owns. I mean, you don't just go into a black dude's apartment and start taking his Ur Force Ones, that shit'll get you shot. Or your vertebrae cracked, but I wonder how effective he'd be without his kicks? Second thought, great move po-po, I see you workin'!

PS - If one of the guys who threw the first punch is the one who got his spinal cord realigned, how does he get to press charges? Dude you started a fight with future 1st round draft picks like an asshole and got your ass kicked all over the swamp, fucking deal with it. But if it's a 'Bama fan, fucking huge move and that's props. Just wearing one for the team that doesn't even know you exist.

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