Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Something I Just Thought Of And It Involves Bashing The Cowboys So It's Funny

Remember that trade between the Cowboys and Lions for Roy Williams? I feel the need to recap that trade so we can all laugh together:

Cowboys received:

Roy Williams (promptly signed him to a five-year extension worth $45M with $20M guaranteed)
2010 7th rounder

Lions received:

2009 1st rounder (Brandon Pettigrew), 3rd rounder, and 6th rounder

Somehow the Cowboys thought Roy Williams was worth a first round pick.... Let's see two other interesting WR trades since....

Brandon Marshall to Miami for 2010 2nd rounder + a 2011 2nd rounder. Marshall also signed a four-year, $47M extension with Miami.

Santonio Holmes (who was ineligible for the first 4 games of 2010) goes to the Jets for a 5th round pick in what might go down as the biggest trade steals of all-time.

Compare those two deals for two top flight receivers with the one the Cowboys made for a mid-level WR in Roy Williams. Got to love seeing Jerry Jones screw up so badly, I want to say it gets old after a while, but it really doesn't.

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