Monday, August 15, 2011

Aaron Maybin Getting Cut Immediately Makes Me Wonder If His Career Stats Are Better Than Vernon Gholston's. They Are.

Aaron Maybin registered a cool 24 tackles in two seasons with the Buffalo Bills, 0 sacks and he was finally released today after being selected 11th overall in the 2009 draft and collecting near $11M in salary over that time. That's almost half a million dollars per tackle.

I still don't get why this isn't a bigger deal. I know Vernon Gholston has to deal with the fact he was a bust, but he got paid like he won the lottery so that should help. I know there have been busts out there, but holy shit with this guy. 5 year deal with $21M in guarantees, 6th overall in 2008 and take a look at these gaudy numbers he posted:

16 tackles? In 30 games? I think we all know he never registered a sack, but even with that said - In 30 games how do you not accidentally blindly by mistake run into the quarterback? How does the official scorer not accidentally mistake you for someone who actually gets a sack, maybe gives you half a sack because you were kind of on the same side of the field when a sack happened? The way this guy couldn't shed a blocker you'd think that was his job - might as well have put him at nose guard, he would've plugged up that line like a motherfucker the guy just attracted blockers like a magnet. Good thing he didn't reach any incentives, if he hit those the deal would've been worth $50M, lucky for the Jets he sucked so badly - saved them near $18M.

I know he took a "pay-cut" last year or whatever, but I'm sure that $21M was safely in the bank already.

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