Friday, August 26, 2011

Is It Officially Time To Panic Or Should We Just Wait Until We're Dead?

I'm starting to think that this Hurricane Irene is a real bitch. I can't imagine a girl this fucking selfish. I have a fantasy football draft on Sunday, and this slut wants to show up and literally wreck the whole party. We were supposed to have it at my place in Long Beach, well that sure as shit isn't happening. Did you hear big Ed Mangano over here? Long Beach is dead. I haven't been home since Wednesday night, got a wedding in asshole Jersey tonight - I mean am I going to be able to get back to my apartment? More importantly, our draft had to be moved to NYC (@Mad River - 1pm - Hurricane Party starts at 4pm) and half our league is crying about how they're going to be stuck in the city. Being stuck in the city isn't an issue - this fucking draft is happening. I swear to God if we let this bitch ruin our fantasy draft, then we don't deserve to have a league.

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