Monday, September 26, 2011

Am I Good Or Am I Good? Again.

2-1 this week puts me at 6-2-1 so far this year. But that one loss was a costly one. The game I was by far the most confident in, I lost. I put $200 into a parlay with these three games and came a point and a half from winning $1200. Thanks a lot Atlanta. Fucking kidding me?

Anyway, just like last week, time to show off:

What I said about the 49ers/Bengals game:

Really? Underdogs to Cincinnati? You would pick ginger Andy Dalton over Patrick Willis? Yeah fuckin' right. Cincinnati has no shot in this game, San Fran's D is too good for them and Andy Dalton is not prepared to look at this guy all day, zero shot. He'll piss his pants more times than they'll score.
I mean what else is left to say here? Pretty much accurate.

Prediction: Andy Dalton would piss his pants more than they'd score. Actual: Probably did.

What I said about the Falcons/Bucs game:

This is another one, how's this even possible? I'm putting $100 on this game, there's no way Atlanta loses. You just came off a game where your QB torched the "dream team" defense for a career high 4 TD's and Michael Turner looking like his old self again. Really think Tampa is going to put up much of a fight? The Bucs have the 31st ranked rushing defense, giving up an average of 156 yards a game. Fuck it, might put $200 on this.

Fuck this. Not even getting started with this one.

Prediction: Atlanta dominates. Actual: Complete fucking opposite of whatever common sense is.

What I said about the Packers/Bears game:

I think Chicago is the most over hyped team on earth. They fluked it to the NFC Championship game last year and then their quarterback faked an injury because he didn't feel like going to the Super Bowl. Green Bay went and they won, and until someone beats them - I pick them to win each week - and they win this one by at least 10. Because their quarterback isn't a pussy.

Finally back on planet earth here, shit happened the way it was supposed to happen. Jay Cutler does what Jay Cutler does and can't win a meaningful game. 2 INT's, pretty standard.

Prediction: Green Bay wins by at least 10 and their QB isn't a pussy. Actual: Green Bay wins by 10 and their QB still is not a pussy.

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