Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Yahoo, Please Try Reporting On Things We Care About

Yahoo! Sports - An assistant coach during Lane Kiffin’s tenure at the University of Tennessee wired $1,500 to a talent scout in July 2009, funding the airfare for an unofficial recruiting trip by then five-star prospect Lache Seastrunk and his mother, Yahoo! Sports has learned.
Well holy fucking shit. A recruit took money from someone he wasn’t supposed to take money from. Wow. Just groundbreaking, Earth-shattering investigatory work Yahoo!
The Red Sox are in the midst of the most epic regular season collapse in the history of baseball and the second leading story on your site is about this bullshit?  Come on.
No one gives a shit about these stories.  I talk about / watch sports for 100 hours a week with anyone willing to have a conversation, and no one has ever brought up this stupid shit.  This particular case happened over two years ago, and this type of thing happens ALL. THE. TIME. Just give it up already.

If the NCAA wants to crack down on these activities they should do it on a going forward basis.  By the time these players get their slap on the wrist, most of them are no longer NCAA student-athletes so the punishment gets pushed onto the current players  at these institutions which makes zero sense.

And Yahoo, if you want to turn your abysmal stock performance around, try allocating resources to things people care about.

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