Monday, September 26, 2011

So Hype Lounge Was Fun

So I hit up Hype Lounge yesterday to take in some football, beer, wings and lastly to meet up with KFC. I only remember about half our conversation because shit was flat out crazy there. The wings were better than advertised, the beer was flowing like water and there were people packing the place out by the middle of the Giants game. I am absolutely beat today because unlike KFC I had a phenomenal time, I'd say it was an overall good first day for me - Giants doing the fuckin' salsa all over the Eagles, the Yankees blowing out the Red Sox as they continue the worst collapse ever, and girls grabbing my ass left and right. Just exhausting stuff. I guess that's the type of shit I've gotta get used to when I accidentally just spill swag everywhere, just need to adjust to the big lights.

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