Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dumbest Dad Of The Year Award Even Though The Year Isn't Over This Guy Still Wins And I'll Give Him 2012 Too

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Okay I know this story is old, but verdict finally came down and shocker the insurance company refuses to pay. Oh let's cry for the family for not having the right thing happen for being honest. You know what? You fucking cheated, okay? When you cheat it's like choosing a fork in the road, you go left or you go right, there's no turning back. If you cheat you go all the fucking way or you don't go at all. What example did you set for your kids? It's okay to cheat if you're honest about it the next day? Huh?

How many other parents want to kill this guy by the way? How many hundreds of millions of Americans could use $50,000 dollars right about now? And this guy goes to bed and grows a conscience and thinks oh no big deal I'll just be honest and tell them what we did and give it back. What an asshole. Kid probably had dreams that night of riding around in his new whip tossing money out the sunroof like Jay-Z and Jermaine like money ain't a thing only to wake up to find out his dad is the biggest pussy on earth.

Was anyone even hassling this guy? "Excuse me sir, can you be totally honest with me, was that the right son of yours?" No way. And don't even play this whole nice guy routine - all three of you set this up like fucking pros. Shit - out of the 10 raffles you filled out they picked the 1 ticket with your "other" son who sucks at sports and he just so happened to be outside at the time. "Hey #1 son on the depth chart, put this huge helmet on and get out there and do what we talked about for the first 10 years of your life - make the shot of I kill you and all the ants in your ant farm. Go get 'em sport." This was set up from Jump Street, the guys wife probably found out about it and threatened to rat him out or something typical along those lines.

Better hope son #1 makes it to the show straight out of high school, because you just flushed college right down the toilet you smug asshole.

Hey, anyone even want to ask why that kid was outside while all of this was going on? What kind of drugs do 10 year olds even do that would necessitate him having to miss this entire event? Like did anyone even want to wonder where he was when his name got drawn?

PS - Hockey sucks.

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