Thursday, September 22, 2011

ESPN's "Expert" Predictions For 2011 Were Close - Not.

ESPN Predicts The 2011 Baseball Season

Back on March 30th, ESPN put out a preview of the MLB season, with their entire baseball staff making their predictions for the season. I can try to be funny or make this about how ESPN loves to grind Boston's dick off, but let's just see these results:

Out of 45 "expert" predictions, 45 picked Boston to win the AL East (100%)

Out of 45 "expert" predictions, 42 picked Boston to reach the World Series (93%)

Out of 45 "expert" predictions, 33 picked Boston to win the World Series (73%)

Some fucking imagination ESPN has.

Out of 45 "expert" predictions, 0.... THAT'S Z-E-R-O.... picked the Yankees to win the AL East (0%)

Out of 45 "expert" predictions, 35 picked the Yankees to win the Wild Card (78%)

Out of 45 "expert" predictions, 1.... THAT'S O-N-E.... picked the Yankees to reach the World Series (2%)

Out of 45 "expert" predictions, 0 picked the Yankees to win the World Series (0%)

Read on for the 2011 Results

And the 2011 results are in:

Hate to be the one to say it but ESPN kind of sucks at projections, huh? Not sure if you heard, but last night - the New York Yankees clinched the American League East for a record 17th time in the 41 year history of the division. I know one thing, if I'm making predictions before the season - I'd go with the team with more championships than any other professional sports franchise on the fucking planet earth.

It's kind of like finding out Santa isn't real when I look at this shit. I grew up thinking ESPN had some sort of idea what was going on in the sports world, watched it everyday up until today, now I don't know what to believe. All I know is the Yankees winning is like breathing at this point, it's just second nature. It doesn't matter if we use a pitching staff that was created from stem cell research, they're going to win. That's just the facts. I guess Boston I mean ESPN was just in denial, they probably can't take the fact NY wins all the fucking time, that we always have the headlines even when they're winning in other sports like that one with the ice and sticks and shit that they only play in Canada and no one cares about. Enjoy that all you want, we're too busy winning World Series down here where legends are made.



  1. Besides the division prediction, all the other ones are still in play. Boston can still make it to and win the world series. And the yankees havent reached the world series or won it yet either so how are most of those wrong?

  2. When you go 45 for 45 on a division winner and you're wrong - that's a 100% fail across the board. That's really all I cared about then I went off - but yeah if the Red Sox can sneak into the playoffs the overall picture will look the same.

  3. By the way the anonymous #2 comment is me, but I'm at work and for some nutjob reason I can't use my profile to comment on my own fucking blog, so yeah it's me.

  4. I agree with the overall point though, fuck ESPN and fuck Boston.