Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spongebob Gets Worked By Tough Girls

There is literally nothing more aggrivating to witness than girls trying to act tough, especially white bitches with pink hair that wear USC hoodies that act like they're down to swing. "I HOPE YOU GOT DAT SHIT ON CAMERA!" Yeah have fun in jail asshole, now you can go back to your hipster friends and tell them you got picked up by the pigs and then you can run shit with your street cred for getting thrown into the road by fuckin' Spongebob. Probably be the leader of your little hipster squad and get to be first on line to get your coffee in the morning now with your fucking socks on your arms or something.

I can just see her right here getting all proper to the cops, too - "Excuse me officer, I was just minding my business coming from Abercrombie and was going to get a coffee at Starbucks when Spongebob started poking me with his nose. He struck me with his penis nose and all I did was say 'Excuse me, Spongebob, that is inappropriate and I think you should leave me alone.' And then he beat me up." Then the waterworks come in about how disappointed her daddy is going to be and she really didn't mean it. So funny how quick someones entire personality can change once they're in trouble. I really hope she had to go to jail for this, but more than likely she was let off with a warning and her friend got the max.

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