Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Sox Doing Their Best 2007 Mets Impersonation

ESPNTampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon spends most of his time giving signs.

On Thursday night, he went searching for one.

"You're always looking for signs, man. You're looking for signs from the baseball heaven and the baseball gods," he said after the Rays followed a fluke play with a three-run homer and beat the Boston Red Sox 9-2 to cut their deficit in the AL wild-card race to three games. "They've got to throw you signs once in a while. They've got to give you something to further the belief."

Evan Longoria hit a three-run homer and B.J. Upton and Casey Kotchman each hit two-run shots for Tampa Bay, which had trailed the Red Sox by nine games in the wild-card race on Sept. 3.

The Red Sox dropped to 3-11 in September to fall from first place in the division to 4½ games behind the New York Yankees and into a race with the once-dismissed Rays for the wild-card. Boston and Tampa Bay play three more times at Fenway Park this weekend.

Game notes The Boston fans gave a cheer when former Red Sox star Johnny Damon was hit by a pitch in the sixth. ...

Pretty typical Boston fans, cheering the man who was the main reason they won a World Series. Class acts up there with there frat boy Boston hats, faded t-shirts, flip flops, shitty accents and Sweet Caroline.

But this little slide they're on is pretty funny. Not even a month ago everyone was saying the Yankees would barely get the Wild Card and the Red Sox were World Series bound. Yeah, gonna be tough to make a run at the World Series from your couch. I smell a sweep for the Rays this weekend. The repurcussions of that would be remarkable. I think this would set the franchise back about 100 years if they get swept this weekend and get bounced from the playoffs.

Talk about clutch, 3-11 in September. Pedroia finally lost all of his hair. Guess Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford weren't really smart moves, huh? Spending a bajillion dollars on free agents just to collapse in clutch spots - how's that feel Boston? I'll tell ya what, Yankees would never do something like that.

Odds Red Sox miss the playoffs:

1 star = Damon will switch uniforms and help the Red Sox not suck shit

5 stars = No shot they make it, Rays will sweep them at Fenway and then bang their wives


  1. 4 starts. No way they make it. Once it is in their heads that they are going to blow it, nothing else can happen. They will find every conceivable way to lose because they are not thinking about winning anymore, they are only thinking about "Not blowing it" Surefire way to blow it.

    The Rays on the other hand are going to be so hot going into the playoffs, will anyone be able to stop them?

  2. Adrian Gonzalez wasn’t a free agent signing--they traded for him (C'MON SON)--but regardless he is one of the BEST players in baseball and is playing like it. Every time you watch Teixiera play just don’t forget that Gonzo is hitting almost 100 points higher. Carl Crawford is overpaid, and is not living up to potential but I don’t think he is as bad as he is playing right now. The Yankees obviously had a better off-season--they hit the jackpot with Andruw Jones, Eric Chavez, Bartolo Colon, and Freddy Garcia...whammy.

    As far as the playoff race goes...The Yankees have 7 games left against the hottest team in baseball (Rays) and then 3 w/the Sox. They haven’t exactly been on fire themselves either. While the Red Sox play the Yanks for 3 and the O’s for 7, making them a relatively safe bet for the playoffs. I don’t think its going to happen, but one can make the case that if they take care of business this week they have a legitimate shot at the division.

  3. Good thing I never said Gonzalez was a smart free agent signing.