Friday, September 9, 2011

So Randall Cobb Is Alright I Guess

So this guy is a rookie? Like that was his first NFL game? Oh no big deal, national television and all that, whatever. Just catch a slant for 32 yards and a TD, Lambeau Leap like I do this everyday. Oh halftime, good, need a rest. Third quarter, I probably should kneel on this kick off, ah whatever let me go 108 yards like my name is Devin Hester - first game my ass.

Seriously, this guy just absolutely killed it last night. He looked like no one on the field could touch him, like he was playing in a pee-wee league game. He was burning everyone around him. Absolute stud. I now have a new favorite player who doesn't play for the Giants. He was on my fantasy team somewhere around after he caught the kick off and before he crossed the goal line.

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