Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Matt Kenseth's Wife Makes Sharp Turn Directly Into A Wall

Yahoo Sports - Katie was practicing for the "Better Half Dash" on Oct. 15 at Charlotte Motor Speedway. In that race, drivers will go 25 laps on a quarter-mile track at the speedway. They'll be driving bandoleros, which are in effect souped-up go-karts with full, enclosed bodies. The cars can hit speeds as high as 70 mph and are designed for entry-level drivers, often kids as young as 8 years old. During practice, Katie Kenseth apparently took a sharp turn and hit what is usually the pit road wall. Prior to the practice, joking on Twitter that there was "no sign of Danica [Patrick]'s husband."

Well that was a funny fucking joke there Kate, I bet Danica Patrick's husband laughed his dick off when you decided to go one-on-one with that wall. Is this or is this not example #2,945,838 why chicks should never drive? Can't handle a car made for an 8-year old. And as per usual, her bump into the wall has ambulances and SWAT on the scene to make sure her scratches are okay, extracting her with the jaws of life, tactically applying those band-aids. Just making sure all the attention is on her, ruining the event for everyone. Guarantee this came right after some smoke was interviewing her husband and this is some par for the course psycho wife plan to get attention. Typical.

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