Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How Much You Wanna Bet Mullet Man Owns This Van?

Long Beach just killing it with blog material today. Considering I saw these two 10 feet apart on the same corner, it's a distinct possibility this belonged to the Mullet Man. I'd first see the guy and think, nope no way does he own anything, but seeing this - whole different scenario popped in my head. He rides the bike right out of the back, scours the area with a bag of candy to lure unsuspecting little children. Brings them back towards the van where he obviously has a life time supply of chloroform rags. And he has the van parked so he doesn't even have to worry about getting out of the parallel parking spot, just get in and rip it down Wisconsin St.

Doesn't this van encompass the entire being of "suspicious activity"? Like this van has to be pulled over every single time it goes out right? What cop let's bang bus here just drive around without pulling it over? You could pull this over for a number of things: 

1) Driver is probably a pedophile
2) 94% chance it's carrying weapons of mass destruction
3) Driver is most likely wanted in at least 4 states for outstanding warrants that include but are not limited to murder, rape, child pornography and/or having sex with farm animals

That's what I get out of seeing this van. Anybody else? Any theories?

And what's with the 96 on the back? That some hipster way of putting 69 on your car without putting 69 on your car?

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