Friday, September 30, 2011

"Who The Fuck Is Swagstein?!"

Some of you might have seen a couple posts I've done on Barstool NY and have absolutely no idea who I am. Swagstein itself just happened to be the name of this blog - when the first post went up on BSNY, it was thrown on as my handle so that's what I'm using. I read the site for a long time, so I understand some of the frustration when a new writer comes on out of absolutely no where and no one really communicates what's going on. Just going to use this space to sort of introduce myself and let you guys get to know who I am.

Alright so I'm 27 years old, from NY obviously - actually am fortunate enough to hold a full-time job so writing and blogging are just something I like to do. My updates for Barstool won't come each day, maybe a couple here and there with most of the concentration going towards the Yankees and Giants. As you can see, I do more than that on this blog, but in terms of Barstool I have no illusions about my own abilities, the writers they have are real creative and good at what they do so I'm going to stick to the sports thing unless they need something else.

I went to school at Pace University in Westchester and also SUNY Cortland. Played baseball while I attended both schools (which included getting raped by Ryan Braun and Miami when he came inches from hitting 2 HR's in the same inning against us, sucked at the time but now it's okay because he's actually just really good) tried to take that further after school but I'm here so that obviously didn't work out. So yeah, that's the basics - I work like everyone else, blog in my spare time, watch sports, drink, scrape by barely making rent each month, have massive amounts of bills, so I'm pretty much average across the board. So to any of the commenters or readers who want to know anything else hit me up, I'll get back to you as quickly as I can - to the commenters who want me to fuck my sisters cunt and die.... Well I'm just not willing to do either of those right now, too much shit going on in the next couple weeks I wanna be around for.

Can contact me on Twitter @Swagstein_

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