Tuesday, September 20, 2011



I posted this and haven't changed the page in about 5 minutes. I can't stop watching this, kid just fucking eats this thing off the face. Still don't know what Boley was trying to do here. My friend thinks he was trying to throw it at the camera but if you watch it he's not even looking or lined up at the camera it just looks like one of the most errant throws of all-time. Best part is he knows he lit someone up and couldn't give a shit less, just enjoys his moment and goes back to the sideline no big deal. Michael Fuckin' Boley. Sign him up, Eli can only dream of that kind of accuracy.

Update: I guess this kid is some kind of intern with the Giants - might bode well for his Facebook status, but how are the Giants supposed to keep this guy around? What kind of fucking reaction time is that? You've got a solid 4 yards to work with, hands aren't even in your pockets you gotta give me something, some sort of effort. Madden awareness has to be at a 0, kid barely moved. Oh so instead of directly between the eye balls you took it off the temple? Good move. How much better would this have been if he drilled the old dude on the left? Oh the humanity if that happened, this would've been legendary. He probably would've hit the turf like a sack of potato's.

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