Saturday, September 3, 2011

College Football Week 1 aka Let's Beat The Shit Out Of High School Teams

Alabama 48, Kent State 7

Ohio State 42, Akron 0

Virginia Tech 66, Appalachian State 13

Wisconsin 51, UNLV 17

Miss. St. 59, Memphis 14

Auburn 42, Utah St. 38

Haha besides Auburn maybe having one of the worst upsets of all-time almost happening to them - who gives a shit about the first week of college football? It's such a joke I can't even stand it. Let's find the most desperate school for money and offer to fuck the shit out of them on national television and give our players some confidence before the real season starts. I'm watching Michigan play Western Michigan and this is such a disaster. It's 34-10 in the 3rd and Michigan is doing And 1 moves into the end zone then celebrating like they just won a championship. I guess that's what you have to do when your program is one of the biggest fakes in history. Desmond Howard isn't walking through that door, you're about 83 years from being a real contender for the National Championship, so enjoy beating up on Western Michigan. I hate the hype of week one - that's why real ranking don't come out until October. Wake me up when the games matter.

1 comment:

  1. Gotta disagree. Ask Appalachian State and Michigan if week one matters.

    Ask Oregon State and national powerhouse Sacramento State if week one matters.

    What about James Madison pulling the upset on Virginia Tech last year in week one?

    I dont see anything wrong with smaller conference teams collecting a paycheck and getting some national exposure.