Friday, September 9, 2011

Week 1: Stone Cold Locks

Quarterback is the most important position in all of team sports, and I encourage anyone to debate me on that statement. If your quarterback is bad, your team will not be good. Guaranteed. My stone cold locks of the week are wagers against terrible quarterbacks: Alex Smith, Cam Newton (might turn out to be good eventually but right now, he's not), and Luke McCown. At any point, these three can turn a victory into defeat, and I eagerly anticipate rooting against them.

Seahawks +5 - The 49ers are an awful team. I'm about 78% sure they tank the season in hopes of getting Andrew Luck in next year's draft, reuniting him with his college coach Jim Harbaugh. With the talent they have right now, they should not be favored against any team in the league aside from the Panthers. Take the points, and thank me later.

Ricky's Take: I actually like the 49ers, maybe not to win the Super Bowl, but I think they're in contention to win their division (so is the JV team from my town). But if we're going to talk about QB being an important position, Seattle is in the same boat as the 49ers. Tavaris Jackson? What's he going to do without Adrian Peterson? And Sydney Rice not able to play this week? I also love San Fran's defense, think they have a much more solid running game. I just don't see this as a LOCK, I like SF to win.

Pick-6 specialist, Alex Smith

Cardinals -7 - The Kevin Kolb era starts with a bang against a team that will be lucky to win three games this year. Am I the biggest Kolb fan? No, but he's a major upgrade over the triumvarate of crap that spewed under center last season. No one will be clamoring for the Hall-Skelton-Anderson platoon any time soon...except maybe 49ers fans once they watch Alex Smith for a few weeks.

Ricky's Take: I agree. I like the fact we have three different choices, but this could've been one for me also. Carolina resigned their entire team this offseason for about $490 million dollars so they're pretty much screwed since they're still in the same spot as they were as the 2-14 team last year. Arizona got better, and they still have Larry Fitzgerald, game over.

Titans +1.5 - Releasing your starting quarterback four days before Week 1 makes less sense than me trying to make it as a model: none. (And you are welcome for that terrible image you now have in your head.) Luke McCown has thrown nine touchdown passes in seven seasons. Yup, you are in safe hands Jacksonville. Tennessee actually has a decent quarterback this year too, and they broke the bank to get Chris Johnson signed. If this game was being played in Nashville, the Titans would be favored without a doubt. Their is no home-field advantage when your stadium isn't close to being sold out. I trust in Matt Hasselbeck and the Titans.

Ricky's Take: Kind of can't believe the Titans are underdogs in this game, kind of wish I took this one. Chris Johnson will have a monster day, Hasselbeck will manage a good game. I do like MJD and the chip on his mini shoulder, but that won't be enough to win this game. Titans win by a TD or more.

Ricky Agrees: 2 out of 3

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