Thursday, September 8, 2011

Never Fall Asleep Next To A Pool

(Skip to 50 second mark)

If you've ever watched anything on WSHH, then you know falling asleep by a pool around black people will get you tossed in the pool 100 times out of 60, because most of the time they'll do it again. I can say this because I have a close friend who's black, he'd probably call me a racist but let's be serious here. It's like the sun coming up the next day, it's like science.

I was going to blog about this yesterday but didn't, but watching this guy go from sleeping on the chair to sleeping in mid air all the way into the water was fucking priceless. His boys just stylin' on him while he's asleep, then basically doing a countdown on his face and he had no clue. His biggest mistake was having the headphones in, that's not going to help your awareness level. And this was definitely worth the price of a new phone, I'd chip in for that if I caught this on tape. Guy did a straight weekend at Bernie's right onto his face.

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