Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ghetto Rapunzel Out And About

This is no joke folks, this lady was just cruising along Flatbush Avenue at about 1 whole mph. This shit was literally touching the ground! I feel like this is more rare than a perfect game or a 60 point game, how many times in your life do you actually witness hair touching the fucking sidewalk?? Like what happens when something gets in her way or forces her to take a step backwards?? Is it just a guessing game at that point? "Welp I'm just going to go for it, hopefully I don't step on my hair and snap my neck backwards." Taking that Busta song a little to serious. How many people you think just yank on this shit and run? Lady didn't look too nimble - if I was walking past her drunk as shit that would be the first thing on my list of things to do. I feel like she's just asking for it. Another one of those attention seekers. That hair serves no purpose other than stealing the spotlight. Attention whore, typical.

PS - I looked like such a creep acting like I was texting but taking one step every second trying to stay behind her slow ass. Then just closed my phone was fuckin' outta there, whizzed by her like Evan trying to walk away from Becca in the hallway #Superbad BOOM Twitter hashtag WHAT!

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