Friday, September 16, 2011

Hey At Least Lohan Looks Rehabilitated

Someone try and tell me this slut isn't on every drug in the book right now. Just shitting on her rehab. Is botox a drug because she's overdosed the shit out of her lips, those things are fuckin' outta here and there's no turning back. How old is she? Bitch looks at least 30. There are some rare moments when Lohan looks like she still has it, but here I think it's easy to tell that you take those tits out those things are falling straight to the floor. She just doesn't have it like she had it at 17. She fell straight off the cliff once she started hanging with Hilton. Fucking great move by Paris though, getting this idiot strung out on every drug possible just looking like a train wreck at every possible turn makes her out to look like a fucking angel. Lohan, think it's time to hang 'em up causssssse you look like shit.

By the way, is that her mom? Nice parenting. Keep living off your daughter's Disney money you're gross.

I don't know why her tits look poppin in the first and last pics, but the middle one they're deflated or something - I don't get it. Bad lighting?

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