Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When Co-Workers Speak In Another Language That Automatically Means They're Talking Shit About You, Right?

Working in an office all day is pretty strenuous. Air conditioning and water fountains, bathrooms and elevators. Shit is exhausting. So sometimes we just need to have some conversations, keep things lively. But seriously, I notice some of my bosses speaking in another language to each other. What's the secret? Why can't you just fucking speak English? What are you hiding? Can only mean you're talking shit about me, right? That's got to be it. What else could they be talking about? I can't even think of it, because it's like half whispering and half in another language. Then they see me and it's like they start talking about some random shit that makes no sense "Oh, eh-hem, umm, yeah, I know, right?" You need an audible if the person you're talking shit about comes around, like you just read a blitz coming off the edge - need to adjust the protection. "Yeah because this fucking kid does no work whatsoever and frankly I'm ready to BUILD THAT DECK THIS WEEKEND! Wife has been bugging me for months, think it's about time to - okay seriously that kid needs to be fired." Not tough, no need to switch languages and shit, only complicates things.

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