Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Real Reason Why Apple Employees Avoid Getting In The Elevator With Steve Jobs

VentureBeat - Dhuey recalls that people would dread getting into an elevator with Jobs. If you got on at the 4th floor, you’d better have captivated him by the time you got off on the 1st. Jobs remembered you when you had a great story to tell. He also remembered when you didn’t.
“He would ask you what you were working on, and people started to dread that question,” chuckles Dhuey.
Stop chuckling, Dhuey, you smug asshole, and get back to building the iPhone9. 

Everyone hates being forced to talk with their boss in a confined space.  This article gives some piss poor reason why you would hate riding the elevator with Stevie J in particular.  For fear of losing their j-o-b, though, employees didn’t give the real reason they hate riding the elevator with him (cut to the 0:07 mark to find out):

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