Sunday, September 11, 2011

Notre Damn/Michigan Recap: What In The Hell Was Michigan Wearing?

Ugh what is that? Nice M. Seriously aren't those Michigan's hockey team jerseys? Those things are hideous. On the other hand, Notre Dame might suck, but their jerseys looked pretty fucking sick. I mean if you're going to embarrass yourselves again, might as well look good doing it.

Pretty sick game, though. So far it's game of the year, but it's early and the real college games haven't really started yet. This game was pretty fucking boring through the first half, when Michigan completely forgot Denard Robinson isn't a QB and had him throwing the ball all over the field to the tune of 2 for 9.

Once Denard started running around, shit got real. Michigan realized they were playing Notre Dame and not LSU so they looked a little less intimidated almost like they had 114,000 people behind them rooting for them to win or something.

One thing I really got from this game that I kind of already knew, Michael Floyd can start tomorrow for any team in the NFL as a #1 WR. 13 catches for 159 yards, this guy needs to be utilized in the red zone much more. He is literally uncoverable, he makes catches in double coverage with ease and forget single coverage - you can cover him perfectly and he will make an impossible catch with no problem. He's that good right now, if he can keep focused he will be a top 3 pick next April.

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