Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brett Favre's Offspring Following In His Footsteps

Yahoo - Being Dylan "Yes That Favre" Favre isn't always as awesome as it sounds. Fans and media only seem interested because of your famous uncle. Scouts only seem interested in dismissing you because of your height. Then, in one of the biggest games of your team's season, you have to watch helplessly from the sideline as not one but two quarterbacks ahead of you on the depth chart are beaten senseless by LSU's defense.

And when your 19-year-old brain decides to vent its frustration over a lack of playing time via Twitter, the whole "Favre" thing guarantees people are going to notice. And so they have: As of Friday morning, the plaintive appeal Favre posted in the immediate aftermath of Mississippi State's 19-6 loss Thursday night — "Is an opportunity too much 2 ask for?" — had been re-tweeted several dozen times and has already begun to make the rounds on sports blogs such as, well, this one. The more important question: Is it going to make the rounds this weekend in the coaches' offices and/or the Bulldog locker room?

Holy shit can all Favre's just shut the fuck up? Even when old bag of bones Brett has finally went hunting and stayed away from the NFL (so far), we can't escape it. The most attention seeking egomaniacal player of all-time now has relatives who are just as fucking annoying. Hey newsflash kid - you're the third string 5'10" quarterback aka you're only on the team as a gigantic fucking favor from your whiney ass uncle who begged to get you on. Shut your spoiled ass mouth and wait your turn on the scout team letting our defense kick your ass every week in practice. You're a tackling dummy, you will NOT get an opportunity. We need muzzles on this entire fucking family immediately. Just be happy you're allowed to dress for the game and stand on the sideline.

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