Thursday, September 1, 2011

So When's The Evacuation For This Bitch?

Worst case scenario has just happened. Irene's loud whiny bitch ass came with all the bells and whistles and that was it - she was all talk, of course. So Bloomberg sits there and looks like a complete asshole for evacuating people and like typical New Yorkers what do you think we're going to do when he tells us to evacuate for this slut? Absolutely not evacuate of course. Except Hurricane Katrina Katia is going to come right up the coast and kick us all right in the nuts. There's just no other possible outcome, it's already been set in motion. As soon as Irene was leaving New York and you pretty much heard everyone talking shit about her behind her back on her way out, Kat was packing her bags while everyone's backs were turned giving the Irene the finger. Welp, hope everyone's ready to bring it in for the real thing because there's just no other scenario at this point, it might just take a straight line right for the Statue of Liberty and take all the drama out of it, I'd respect that. I'd rather that, I'm sick of North Carolina thinking they took the massive hit and shit and taking credit for slowing it down for us - yeah thanks for jumping in front of that thing NC way to take the charge. Give me a break. No but seriously if this thing comes to New York we're completely fucked.

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