Friday, September 16, 2011

Asshole Crushes A Gallon Of Bacardi

Have you ever heard the N bomb dropped that many times in one sitting? Like forget the gallon of Bacardi in a minute, could any take a gallon of N bombs in that minute without throwing up? Seriously I saw a white kid and the mexican kid chugging, but no black dudes.... So why was the N bomb being dropped like shit was going out of style? Listen to it, I don't think one sentence was finished without it. Even when all they said was WOW it still came out after like it was some sort of twitch reaction.

So anyway, anyone believe this? I think it's fake as shit, forget the bottle "cracking" open - shit can be faked. That was definitely water, right?

PS - Love how they had a 6" blade chillin on the desk so he could pop the top.

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